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a teacher—in one way or another


Nikki Lang

Nikki Lang is a teacher—in one way or another. Through her time as a high school English teacher, she developed a passion for humanizing this experience we call life, mentoring young adults through this modern world. She now owns The Ultra Dose as a therapeutic yoga specialist where she can travel and offer relief to people who put everyone else first.

The Ultra Dose is her methodical gift to the world, offering communities a new way to ‘flip the script’ for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. When she isn’t meeting unmet needs in the community, you can find her on the lake with her Dog or leasing intimate local retreats for women in Cleveland!

2012: Prana Yoga  | 2015: Girlvana Yoga
2018: Citizen Yoga Academy | 2018: Yoga Medics Therapeutics
2019: The Space Columbus | 2019: Katonah Yoga continued ed.